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Monday, May 24, 2010

Arizona says frogs are allowed—as long as they have their papers.

“Not-read-it” sounding like “Bud-weis-er,” Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is now trying puppets to silence the naysayers who apparently haven’t read the fine print of the state’s new immigration law. HAVE YOU? I have. Sexy! While it covers a lot of territory, the one thing it prohibits is what civil rights supporters claim will become the norm: Racial profiling. The state may have checked off the CYA box that says they *can’t* profile by law, but they’re dreaming if they think it won’t go on.

For their part, senators and opponents who haven’t read the bill, the gist of your argument should simply have been: Why hasn’t Arizona enforced current immigration laws? Probably because a “Get tough” move like this is the kind a governor and future presidential candidate with thin CV makes. C’mon, look at her paired with Palin. THAT’S AMERICAN TEAMWORK! Can you see that campaign slogan in 2012? “I was there—fighting for you! The only colors we care about? Red, white and blue!”

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