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Friday, May 28, 2010

"The coast is clear—for tourists."

Or maybe you dig “In Northwest Florida, we have families, white sands and oil-free sharks—we just don’t have you.” This was the ad that was reshot by Visit Florida after tourism officials thought the first one didn’t do enough to reassure tourists that things were okay. Apparently, BP has allocated $25 million in emergency ad money to allow tourism promotion efforts to move ahead, except, the funds haven’t been released yet. Just in time for the Memorial Day weekend. Which means... thanks God for YouTube? (Yes! 50 views = awesome.) So basically, oil that hasn’t washed ashore and which actually may never, has done its damage in other ways. Yea BP! I wouldn’t worry much, Mobil was able to rebrand and rename itself after their oil spill disaster. Just not sure how much shorter than BP you can go though.

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