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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Expedia housekeeping want fluff pillow.

Tommy Boy references aside, the pseudo epic, cast of thousands shot in remote area costing god knows how much spot is alive and well, thanks to Expedia and BMF. Okay, so it’s a cast of 256. It’s for Expedia’s foray into the Australia and New Zealand markets: “The company said the imagery aims to convey Expedia’s scale and unique selling proposition as being part of the world’s largest online travel company, while being “uniquely Australasian at the same time.”

I guess. Global themes like this though can be for almost any brand. Expedia only helps facilitate the arrangements—the actual service is up to the hotels et al. and as such, this feels like a hotel spot. (What’s with the sore back stretch thing too. Do they really want to hint at the working conditions of the people who take care of tourists on vacation?) For music junkies, the song is Tend to Me, by Elliott Wheeler. And for snark junkies, it’s amazing how MySpace is perceived as *dead* in social networking circles but somehow keeps managing to provide source material for agencies and commercials.

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