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Monday, May 10, 2010

I made my movie with Twitter.

So I got this notice sent in about a new platform called Massify that gathers creative resources for filmmakers as it partners with brands to create unique branded content, and so on... but I’m reminded of what Erik Proulx told us on AdVerve about how he approached making Lemonade using social media that didn’t need a middleman. He started the blog Please Feed The Animals, which led to the outline for the movie, after which he went directly to Twitter to put the word out. A cinematographer and a bunch of stories from people later, it gets made. He didn’t need to have anyone act on his behalf. Not saying everyone will do it this way, or that the dynamic at work for both is the same–one is a brand looking for original content vs. a first time filmmaker scoring freebies. And Massify’s work so far looks good, that’s not it either. It’s just that if you can do it without the middleman, then why wouldn’t you.

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