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Thursday, May 13, 2010

If there's one thing I hate worse than generic Olympic logos...

It’s generic Official World Cup songs. Hey, Shakira does well enough writing and co-producing “Waka Waka” with South Africa’s Freshlyground, but it comes off like every other piece of art or music throughout time meant to tap common human experiences. Which is to say, it’s sufficiently generic, bordering on meh. Much the same way most people feel about the “beautiful game” here. Actually for most, that would be “less than meh” (if my barometer is calibrated). That’s fine. While they revel in the current perfect sports storm of baseball, NBA and NHL playoffs, in less than 30 days I’ll be throwing shit at the TV while Landon Donovan ends up MVP for the U.S. squad—having scored all of two goals for the entire campaign. Meh squared.

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