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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kim Jong-il is now following you on Tyrannybook: Confirm or deny?

Okay, well Chavez is on Twitter and aiming to bring Castro into the mix, so maybe Tyrannybook is timely? What came to mind though, besides looking at the name really fast for a sec and seeing Trannybook, is the news today that China wants everyone in their country to register with a real email. Good luck with that, of course, but the implications of putting your real email in a site like Trannybook where it could be accessible to hacking are serious, if China even allows access to it. (Not to mention, imagine China’s dating sites now knowing who you are.)

Here in the land of complacency, it’s a non-issue. People just ignore crappy political rants, or if they feel like responding, end up using a fake name on a gmail. But what about those countries (like China), where that’s not an option? May seem like I’m making a bigger deal about something as simple as an email, but, look how unsecure Gmail, Twitter and Facebook have been historically, and that’s just annoying email blasts sent to your friends—consider the more serious consequences for political dissent. (Yeah, I know, they can and have for years, but why make it easy for them.) And, it feels a little odd for an org like Amnesty that pushes transparency as way to combat evil, to also require people to register first.

Why not just put all the worst offenders out there on the main page in the first place so everyone can see, instead of this cute wordplay and association with social networks?


advertising guy said...

of course it is odd... read all the info in the net about this and you will find out it is just another big idea from some kids in one of "the most crative agency of the world" trying to win one more gold lion in cannes advertising festival... and try to see if this was really paid for the agency... This is the advertising business hipocrisy and nobody really talks about that...

Ex-Advertising guy said...

Hello envy advertising guy! I think is a great idea, and give them a chance. You have a better idea? Show it.

Post it bellow.

I hate envy people.