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Friday, May 14, 2010

Overheard internet.

Because internet comments are cool, honest and sad. In an unedited B-roll, straight to your monitor kinda way...

Van hagar is like............ listening 2 death

@Amazed. Clearly you don’t work in advertising. If you did, you would think posts from the wife of a top agency guy are incredibly annoying. I guarantee you she’s a horrible person. She's probably bathing in baby's blood right now.”

I’ve officially masturbated to everything.”
Katie Huegel

Because, Joe Tulsa, most universities are run by marxists and socialists that also hate America and teach your kids the same stuff on your dollar.”

Star Wars fanatic: Straight ish. I am willing to grant some validity to that but Star Trek fanatic: Totes Gay ish”
I’m Waitin’ for Dolemite

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