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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Seth McFarlane sells out.

I KID. But YouTube nation thinks he did:

“This simply was unfunny.”

“See, this is exactly why I think South Park's better. ”

“The ad is longer than the whole damn actual video.”

“seth I think your funny and all but really wtf,don't ever do this again.”


“seth, you're an asshole”

“Are you kidding me? a 30 second ad for a 4-second clip?!
F*** you, Seth Macfarlane.”

That’s the vibe on seven out of 10 comments. Heh. I like the Priceline spot done this way though. And Family Guy is full of stupid moments where nothing happens—and then it does. Get it? As for selling out... meh. I doubt it. If *I* had to guess, Crispin said we know you got screwed on the Windows thing and to make up for it, we’ll bring you in on Priceline.

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