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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"This isn't a muni course hippie... tuck in your shirt."

See the light—be the ball. Snappy dialog. Enough character actors from movies. (Hello Del Paxton!) Requisite too cool for the room hero and throwback pseudo Crosby-Hope road trip rat pack wannabe vibe. All in all, this Heineken Light series seems to work, but really, each :30 clip is pitched as a *webisode*? Heh. The *integrated* campaign is supposed to feature a mix of television, print, cinema, out-of-home and digital story lines, but I can’t keep a straight face and type that. (Which means they recut the TV for YouTube and call them webisodes.)

The rest of the series: Lawn Mowing (ouch), Lady Music and a trailer. (Shhh. I like the golf line, that’s why I posted it, not the trailer.)

(Agency: Euro RSCG.)


Anonymous said...

I can't find the full ad with the line you quoted anywhere... the video embedded on your blog is "private". All the other versions I have found omit this line... :(

I wanted to share that dialogue too!

mtlb said...

Bastards! I just reposted the trailer, it has part of the line in it.