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Monday, May 10, 2010

Yeah no, it needs more ads.

Looking up Logitech for a post and I saw this old review on Syfy’s Dvice site, then noticed how many ads the page had. An ad comes on before the clip, then banner ads on top and to the right and on the bottom. On top of which... it’s the the damn SyFy channel—how does their TV ad revenue not support this site to the point that they need this many ads? Cue Charlie Sheen in Wall Street:

“How many yachts with ads can you waterski behind? How much is enough?”

And, is a :30 spot along with some banners really the most creative way a Syfy channel or the media agency could come up with to get peoples’ attention? C’mon media, step up, you hot, sexy, multi-million dollar buy you. Earn this. Earn it.

“Hey, what if we run banner ads?”

*bangs head*

On top of it all, this was a product review, not some clip of one of Syfy’s hit shows. *Maybe* I could see it in that case, but as they wrote, “We got a chance to try out one of the new Performance MX mice.” I’m guessing that’s code for “Logitech sent us one.”

Cue potential skeevy impartial disclosure vibe—that wasn’t disclosed anywhere. Not sure ‘bout you, but I like reviews to at least *appear* impartial without them drowned in a banner orgy.

It’s not just Syfy either, but all brands in times like these.

The ad madness that media outlets are getting away with now is crazy. Look! White space, put an ad there, quick! And pick any study you want, but all the ones that say how people don’t mind ads as long as they get to watch some content never ask one question:

Do you want ads at all?

I don’t, and I work in advertising (allegedly). Yes, this in effect puts me out of work if there are less ads, but at some point us and those like us creating the mess are responsible for cleaning it up, or at least doing it better.

Not that it matters, but I tuned out the pre-roll here, and like other sites with this type of advaganza, I even started to resent the various brands for making me sit through their useless pitches.

Nice mouse, though.

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