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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bavaria Beer caught offside at World Cup.

Gimmee a Bava... er, Bud. Ambush marketing strikes again as Bavarian Beer gets booted from Soccer City Stadium at the World Cup. The beer brand had given away orange dresses as part of a store promotion weeks prior. They had small tags on the side, hardly visible. (Above right.) The problem is that when 40 women sit together wearing the same color dress, someone will notice–YA THINK? Spread it out next time meine damen. (Since Budweiser is a sponsor and the only beer allowed there, any brand trying to steal a little glory can find themselves in legal trouble.) But they weren’t the only ones. An announcer at the games was fired for supposedly using free tickets to also help Bavaria promote themselves.


LaurenBegley said...

A smarter marketing move would be to turn to online marketing around the World Cup rather than stage a stunt like this. Budweiser is doing a great job with their Bud United campaign on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter:

Tony L said...

i doubt anyone could have got more for their buck than bavaria did with this stunt !

very smart

Adam said...

I'm not sure whether Bavaria have been very clever or FIFA have been incredibly stupid. By throwing the beer babes out of the stadium, they have turned this into an international news story and generated far more publicity than Bavaria could ever have dreamed of (unless of course, they planned it that way all along, which maybe they did).

Either way, I'm going to buy myself a couple of cases of Bavaria beer this weekend. I think they should be rewarded for providing the rest of us with such high-class amusement.

Mike said...

So, if me and several buddies chose to wear jerseys from a team that are sponsored by a beer company, would we get arrested too? This is way too much. I'm going to find me some Bavaria too.

mtlb said...

@Mike - FIFA would have to prove that you were part of a larger marketing stunt/event. They’re probably cool with two guys in whatever shirt. (The teams though aren’t allowed to wear anything that promotes brands not already on the sponsor list.)