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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Burger King — Der Whopper Monologues

Ever wonder why we really don’t get the darker spots here except late at night when nobody’s watching... much? Because you Americans can’t handle the truth!* From Germany comes Burger King’s take on the popular traveling play. No, not South Pacific. The Vajayjay one. Taking the Have It Your Way theme in new directions with Taste is King, the Motherland’s “Geschmack ist king” goes places here. The translation:

“How else would you make a real burger?
Only if 100% beef comes off the grill
can your sense of taste start to break out or even take off.

And those bits that aren’t black,
not black but a bit darker,
that’s where beef’s soul is revealed.

Let’s not try and fool our taste buds.
The story of the burger is written and it’s good.
It’s good.”

βurgerβusiness has more on the King’s European Nietzschean side while I skew nihilist. Couldn’t you see Peter Stormare reprising the all-black thing here for Der King? Shhh. Yeah, you know you could. Okay, so it wouldn’t quite be riffing on the V theme, still. We want the dark here... in times like these.

*That scene was done in one take btw.

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