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Thursday, June 17, 2010


And nobody scooped up Vince before now? SHAME! (Er, shameWOW.) Well, if you haven’t seen it everywhere by now, you will. Check out The Vincester™ (Vince Shlomi) as he promotes Eminem’s upcoming June 21 release Recovery with his trademark rapid-fire delivery schtick, including a new expression to add to the family of fine Vince Quotes: The ShamPon. The meh: Too short, a weak delivery and a prop mic don’t capture the energy of the original infomercial. The good: Musicians drive views. Ozzy’s screamfest promoted the hell out of his single with nearly two million views while Eminem here has hundreds of thousands in less than two days.

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Anonymous said...

The one you embedded is the short version. Go to to see the full length version.