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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

“I don’t know all the details.”

An answer that should make Wendy’s corporate wince. Sonic taking on competitors like Wendy’s directly? I don’t hate this. Quiznos has taken on Subway, and Burger King has messed with McDonald’s in the past, so why not.


Jetpacks said...

Wonder if that's a real Wendy's drive-through with actual audio. All the better if it was. Pure genius, if you ask me. These "dudes in the car" spots for Sonic are hit and miss, but this one is a hit. And I love the punch sound effect as they cut to the spokeswoman / server.

Jetpacks said...

Just saw the fine print: "Actor voice substituted for employee voice."

Howie said...

They also have been hitting with some crazy heart popping hotdog in another spot. Wendys aside from the shakes, could use the health card. But that is a great spot here.

BTW these two guys were in I think Yes Man. They must have some contract that they have to work together LOL