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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nothing's better after busting punks.

There’s low-budget, and I’m guessing Denver’s Great Divide had... no budget. For a local 70s-inspired beersploitation spot though? Winner! Complete with dissolved film! According to the The Denver Egotist comment section, Great Divide didn’t have anything to do with this, agency Moon Ship Media did. (Pssst, guys, fix your YouTube then cuz ya’ don’t spell it that way.) Too bad though for the brand. There’s a lot worse out there in terms of local spots, not to mention the major beer brands that don’t generally do anything as down and dirty or funky as this.


Dumb Been Done said...

"Local social media pros" they call themselves - and they're doing spec work for a beer that had nothing to do with them and throwing it out there. And they joined YouTube just 2 days ago. And they have no link to a website. And a search for "moon ship media" yields a total of 5 results, all of which are related to this "spot." Pros? Really?

This is crap that two unemployed guys thought was funny and hoped would "go viral." It won't reach 2,000 views.

mtlb said...

Yeah, I’ll leave the SM part of it out. I just thought the post had a certain local vibe others don’t.