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Sunday, June 27, 2010

“People, we’re 80 miles inside our own border here.”

“I’M PUTTING MY LIFE ON THE LINE FOR YOU!” Republican playbook 2010: change the narrative enough and position themselves as the answer to the chaos they’re basking in. All politicians do. But don’t hate the playa, hate the game kids because that’s politics, and being a contrarian is change you can believe in.

Ahead on style points is Arizona governor Jan Brewer, still exploiting your wrost fears of personal safety as an American using the issue of immigration, one that both presidential candidates in 2008 ignored. (The hidden beauty of the approach here is that it implies the only place danger lurks in America is on an Arizona highway, replete with traffickers and automatic weapons.) But the good part is where she flips the script and commands the president to “Do your job!” I say flip because even though there were already immigration laws on the books that nobody seemed concerned about doing their job to enforce, doing anything *quietly* in an election year doesn’t make headlines, so why not throw it back on POTUS. Enter brash new immigration law from your border guardian governor. As the clip shows though, signs and laws are meaningless if the desire to enforce is not there.

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