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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The rebranding of Joe the Plumber.

Hey why not, if most of Pepsi’s fine family of products can. Samuel Wurzelbacher, the face of America who was in the face of Obama, and who is no longer on board with the GOP, has been a Tea Party fav for some time now... and I bet ya didn’t even know! They need to get the word out more because he’s been with them for well over a year. Okay, so maybe you knew but didn’t even care. That’s part of their problem now, defining the mixed messages being put out as well as just who is Tea Part—and who isn’t. Depending on what point of view you read, there’s no clear-cut definition of purpose with the movement because one viewpoint contradicts the next, all the while claiming they’re misunderstood by mainstream media. (Forget the article, just read the comments in this piece from the New York Times if you doubt the lack of identity at work.) Although Joe is more of a name than Palin the character, he helps put a face to the brand. And politics, like sports, needs its characters. For now, they can use all the names they can get though.

Sam the Carpenter though is pretty American-sounding too.

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