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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The year of stop-motion.

Maybe not, but simple is betta... IT JUST IS. I can see a backlash against consumer-generated bullshit resulting in more professionally done work that *appears* to be the work of consumers. Whether a brand has a *story* to tell or not is moot. All brands want to be associated with buzz of any sort, no matter who creates it. This 7-minute long short speaks to surf culture, but it could be for any brand. Slap an OP, Vans, or whatever logo on it somewhere. All that people care is that it’s cool. Animation love here goes out to creator Karim Rejeb. Next time you see this though, I suppose it will probably end up used for a :30 promoting Taco Bell’s New Baja Surf Burrito Combo!*

*They don’t really have this. The fast casual industry playbook for food innovation dictates that you don’t really create new ingredients instead, you just recycle existing ones in different combinations. So Taco Bell will just take lettuce, tomato and cheese, sprinkle some Mt. Dew Baja blast over it and wrap it in a tortilla wrap. Combo Nation™ now has a new product. Done!

(Via Vans.)

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