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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Your weekend oil update.

 with yet more stunning photography of this mess. What I’m seeing in the comments there and on other websites though is a sentiment about the spill that is puzzling. Those speaking out more and more against deep sea drilling are blaming liberalism for it? Double hmmm. As BP’s PR effort that I first mentioned here now gets a disgusting “kudos” from some, we should be hating the game (oil) and not the playa so much.

Before the election, a lot of the rhetoric was focused on ending dependence on foreign oil. If they really meant it, what I thought it should’ve always been though was ending a dependence on oil in general. Did this spill have to happen for that change in the message to occur? It’s a moot point though if there isn’t a bigger effort to convert to alternative forms of energy after this. Coming up with safer ways to continue using the ones we have only prolongs that.

A little perspective though on deep sea drilling and why hating the game should be the focus. Thanks to BP, the second largest oil spill in American history is now the Exxon Valdez.

It ran aground on a reef.


Ben Kunz said...

So sad. Unfortunately there is no single protagonist in this mess to blame. Look at your commute, your car, the plastics in your home, the produce from California. Then ask who is thinking 100 years out to build the clean energy and supplies required to replace all that. We can only blame ourselves.

mtlb said...

Yep, that’s the problem. We’re dinosaur enablers.