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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bogusky leaves, LeBron enters.

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This week’s show included Tim Nudd from Adweek, Chris Penn of Blue Sky Factory, and journalist Jeff Cutler. Was it all LeBron? A lot of the discussion was. We spent more time hammering ESPN though. Since then, Ad Age came out with a piece on how the deal all came together, and of course, the kudos-throwing ends justify the means crowd responds to say we should hate the game not the player. It’s a weakass retort that I haven’t heard in about a week. Problem here is that we are hating on the game by calling out how ESPN used people. Part of changing the system comes with pointing out the flaws. LeBron is actually just doing what any athlete in busin..., er, sports does: looking out for their own best interest. As such, it’s easier to give him a pass before giving one to those who exploited the entire event that ripped out the still-beating hearts of Cleveland fans. We even had time to discuss everyone’s favorite whipping boy leaving Crispin. (Here’s the AdPulp article I referenced.)

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