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Monday, July 26, 2010

Boobies And Kittens.

Play the show now. (Episode NSFW.)

George Parker
, Åsk Wäppling, David Burn and mahself have a go at Facebook, Dr Pepper Moms, Old Spice dads and a F**ked Gulf. (More like a headbutt than simply a go.) Yes, this is actually a Beancast without an F-bomb filter in place. IT’S THE SHOW THE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T WANT YOU TO HEAR. (As for the title, inside joke people.) Anyway, at one point, David mentions on the show something he said on AdPulp just how Facebook just *is* the internet for a gen who grew up with it. (Russell Davies amplifies this thought too.)

As for my take, there’s a recent All Things Considered interview with Mark Zuckerberg, and it it, he outlines why Facebook helps organize your life better than anyone else (among other things). The function and utility though that he thinks they offer “better than anyone” needs an overhaul, least from my perspective. It’s clunky and unintuitive, and Google Me, or whatever you’re going to be called, take note.

The topics are here. Me or Bob on Twitter: TheBeanCast, mtlb.


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