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Friday, July 2, 2010

Death Star—coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

The Adidas Death Star is another Star Wars tie-in for adidas that lets the Death Star target any address on Google maps, then lays some blast radius as logo on its ass. Cute and harmless. I just like it because it’s the first promotion where it gave me a choice to take part with or without Facebook Connect. Opt-out ftw. But it’s one more licensing move for both that underscores my thought that Star Wars could be brand of the decade, because who else has milked their 15 minutes like this? For a look at their approach, here are two interviews with Lucas Film’s head of licensing Howard Roffman:

“The current retail climate is understandably conservative. Inevitably that will mean a shrinking of opportunities to launch new entertainment licenses, simply because new introductions are risky and the industry is risk averse at the moment. I think that will mean both a shift away from licensing and a reliance on more proven properties.”

Even though that’s from 2002, it still applies. I’d add that retail climates are generally conservative. Helps when you have a major movie name behind your product though.

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