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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Declaration of old white guys writing stuff on even older parchment paper.

C’mon, admit it, you love it when I talk politics on holidays. In between burgers and blowing stuff up, why not take time for a light read: The Declaration of Independence. The L.A. Times published a version that’s easily digestable, hold the King’s English. The Tea Party should reread it too. They’re busy doubling down on the idea of getting the country back to what the Constitution says, but the essence of the Declaration is a more free-spirited approach that seems to better serve everyone. (Except for the part about all men being equal and later undermined by us asserting sovereignty over Native Americans.) Other than that, a good read!

Pro-Tea Party discussions (as well as their own declaration) call out POTUS for, among other things, carrying out tactics which the original Dubbya and his crew accused the King of. While the notion of tyranny summons your inner sexy patriot and plays well at rallies, isn’t the heart of that argument though based on a premise that just doesn’t exist today? The colonies were still trying to establish themselves as a country, one that was legally recognized by the world. Everything they asked for in 1776 and finally took as their own in 1788, we now have, including a representative government that answers to no other country.

This is the current system that was agreed upon and ratified. You’re free to vote or not. Free to express yourself or not. Free to serve in the military or not. You’re free to go bitch about the Constitution while sorting out your *movement’s* identity crisis and what it stands for, if you even know.

Me, I’m free to go finish mah burgers.

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