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Sunday, July 11, 2010


After all the Lebron hoopla seems to have died down (thanks in no part to Mel’s outburst), figured it might be better to ignore the tirade by Cav’s owner Dan Gilbert and look at a less intense but no less sincere take on the situation from a Cleveland fan:

“Thanks for the memories and all that good stuff but this stunt you pulled on your OWN CITY will never be forgivable. It’s one thing to walk away from a franchise, but the way it was orchestrated really put us in a VERY bad situation. I felt that if you would have communicated with the team about your decision it would have let our front office work to do whats best for our own franchise.

Right now the Cleveland Cavaliers are pretty much screwed. There is no way on Earth that we are going to rebuild this franchise to the caliber it was. And what the hell was Dan Gilbert thinking guaranteeing a championship before Wade and co? That’s a very odd statement by the owner of the franchise. I respect that Dan believes in his staff, but from passed experiences, the Cleveland Cavaliers just aren’t an attractive enough team for stars to play in, and LeBron just pretty much proved that to the whole world. The boy that we watched grow up doesn’t even want to be apart of this franchise, why would another rising star want to?

Cleveland’s wound just got deeper, and I don’t think this one will ever heal.”


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