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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meet the new boss, same as...

Wow. Where do you start. One thing I thought BP would’ve gotten by now about damage control is to simply stop putting its foot in its mouth and just apologize every time a mic is around. But new CEO Robert Dudley never got that email. Citing BP’s “Unprecedented corporate response,” as well as the things on the bucket list that are in “BP’s long-term interest,” do they get it yet? Unprecedented? Like, here’s an atta’ boy? The spill was unprecedented, so the response had better be too. Right now, the U.S. doesn’t want to hear anything other than the company is putting their interests first, not BP’s. But wait, there’s more: “We’re going to learn from this accident... We’re gonna change many things in BP... The industry is going to learn a lot for it.” And a passerby after hearing the news: “BP wasn’t always a horrible company.” Did I already say wow?

So that it never happens again, right? Might want to check that history.

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