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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

“The message may have gotten lost amid the images of fascist and communist leaders.”

Ya think? It’s only fair to have an Obama billboard like this, considering how much Bush was compared to Hitler. For its part, the Tea Party in Northern Iowa is not helping the overall cause much, underscoring the lack of a single, unified front that the movement seems to be suffering from. Does it want to be the fourth political party in U.S. politics? Will it instead be marginalized and absorbed by the independent movement or even the GOP? If, as many of its supporters claim, that it’s a movement for everyone, why then do the majority of the candidates they support and who support them end up being Republican? Why do their rallies seem to be mostly white? One Tea Party movement is for fiscal responsibility but another is not.

Mel Gibson is more coherent.

Pick a day of the week and the mission statement changes accordingly. Watch how in the next round of elections the message of *change* in the billboard becomes embraced by the same people who abhor it so much now. Say what you will about the other three political parties, at least they don’t have multiple versions of each. As for free speech issues, glad to see the outdoor company is remaining neutral with a nice ringing endorsement:

“We believe in freedom of speech,” Beatty said. “It doesn’t reflect our views, necessarily.”

(Update: Ask and yee shall receive as the sign has now been taken down.)

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