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Friday, July 9, 2010

The new 2014 model logos are in early.

Via Agency Spy comes another universally ambiguous design for a global sporting event like the World CUp in Brazil (by agency Africa). Which also means they likely got mad budget to design something people will bitch about. The comments don’t disappoint:

“I’m a designer that lives in Brazil, and all of us - designers - are felling embarassed for this.”

While nobody said it was the visual equivalent of listening to a vuvuzela, I’m not seeing the praise either. There needs to be something for everybody in it. A few jumped on its use of hands in a sport that prohibits them, and while that’s valid, the main thing is that the history of logo design for events like the World Cup or the Olympics is one that produces this kind of generic work. (The logo above right is from 1950.) In effect, a broad approach using shapes that almost any culture can read anything into is the goal. (Ouch.)

Mission accomplished.


Howie said...

I don't know if any of the gigs could win the battle with the logo. They always are weak or just completely suck. Like England. Don't they know about the Christian Right freaking on Teletubbies and yet their mascot are two teletubbies LOL

Of course when in doubt:


Anonymous said...

The 2014 logo is one of the few times I've looked at a sporting event logo and said: good job!

The colors say Brazil, the shape says World Cup. I'm actually looking forward to seeing that on merch.