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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Next of Kin.

“Delaying a product's entry into a fast-moving, cut-throat market to make a platform change with zero user-visible impact is asinine.”

In other words, sometimes your ad campaign is doomed for reasons you don’t know even know about—and long before you even present it. The quote above is from an ars technica piece on what really happened with the failure of Microsoft’s Kin. There’s still this belief among some creatives that they don’t need to worry about business because it’s just not their thing. That what’s in the brief is good enough. Reading case studies in product disasters like this though is a crash course in business that they can’t get anywhere else. It not only covers Microsoft’s failed strategy, but what companies in general have to deal with when it comes to product launches. (The comments at the Microsoft insider blog paint an even bleaker picture not only of life inside Redmond, but how employees both past and present regard competitors like Nintendo or Apple.)

If a product has more wrong with it than it does right, and its management team won’t support it, then what chance does the ad have?

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