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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Overheard internet...

Yep, they said it...

oddly enough this page is blocked at my office...

We landed on the moon 41 years ago using only the great minds of American citizens but now the USA is no longer capable of space exploration without help from the middle east? Can you imagine how ridiculous it would sound if Obama stated the USA will never gain energy independence without the help of Buddhists? This administration insults my intelligence on a daily basis. What happened to ‘yes we can?’ All we hear now is no we can't. Nice campain Mr President. ”

hey yankee shut up if this health care bull shit pass then most likely some states will secede just u better pray to the lord almighty ur state is one of them”

Mr Kobayashi, 32, did not eat this year because he refused to sign a contract with Major League Eating – the professional fast food competition body. On his Japanese-language blog, he said he wanted to be free to compete in contests sanctioned by other groups. [] You couldn’t make this shit up. ”

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