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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Overheard internet...

Yep, they said it...

If Al Pacino is going to endorse your brand and it’s coffee, why the fuck would you need an agency or an idea, he is the bloody idea.

Would you disgusting liberals rather have me to be stoned for stoning enabling? Or would you rather have adulterers and homosexuals stoned? I am serious, though I know it sounds outrageous to you filthy perverts that infest USA.”

Every iPhone 4 is being replaced with an Apple Newton. -Sont form my mewton.”
Murray Hewitt

See LeBron DID write a lot of paychecks to us here in Cleveland... People say Cleveland "sucks" so bad... Because anyone who has any talent with ANYthing leave here. Our economy sucks... Our businesses are shut down and sent overseas... Our foreclosure problems on the eastside of the city are understood with the amount of boarded windows if you take a drive down the street. That's why we loved him... He boosted our downtown businesses and livelihood!! Yes the local economy can be (is) awful... Yes ANYone of greatness leaves Cleveland... This is WHY Cleveland can suck. Everyone gives up on this city... and it's beautiful here... So our city will continue to decline... We will be in line behind Detroit if people don't start caring! SO: Yes there's bitterness... Yes there's disappointment... Yes we lost a lot of money for our season box seats... Downtown Cleveland will suffer... Businesses will close... Economy continue to decline. But because of these things Cleveland will continue to "suck" for those who don't have hometown pride and keep believing in Home.”

u suck lebron.”

Planner are important. Junior ones become senior ones who write your strategies and create rationales that support your lame work that's repetitive, formulaic and self-indulgent.”

Guess what douche-bag... I am a planner. And I've turned into a hack. Why? Because I still get paid...(probably way more than you). And guess what again... most planning is bullshit. Perfect example: Wieden planners probably “created rationales” as you so eloquently put it about the Old Spice campaign. Because, well, they want people to think they had something to do with it and they have to justify their salaries. Wouldn’t be surprised if the junior planner has it on his resume as he ventures off to become a hack senior one.”

this is one of the most frightening things i’ve come across in a while. fuck.”

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