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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

School of Punk’d.

Vinny Warren and The Escape Pod (of Wheat Thin Twitter prank fame) love prankage. It’s something we talk about on this week’s AdVerve. Here’s an older piece they did that raises some good points though: Can really long pieces like this be judged at award shows? I mean, reality programming can win Emmys, but on a local or national level in creative awards shows is a little different when you don’t have the body of work that a full season of TV shows represents to go by. Office Max got you to watch for 15 minutes and is probably the most creative thing they’ve done compared to their national advertising, but it never won anything. His favorite moment is the girl in the pink hoodie crossing herself, but mine is the *judges* at the end:

“He’s a family man. He cares about children.”

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Howie said...

I think there should be a category that covers this type of work. I also think when done tastefully there should be one for brands that do product placement vs just in your face plugging. I wish I still had the link but there is a website that tracks product placement and gives a metrics for exposure.