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Thursday, August 19, 2010

“Crowdsource, nothing but CROWDsource...”

(Sung to the tune of...) Star Wars Uncut, the crowd-sourced Star Wars remake is complete, and it’s everything you’d expect—and less at times. I kid. The brainchild of Vimeo developer Casey Pugh, people were given :15 second chunks of the classic to recreate any way they liked. (I was going to do it, but bailed. In times like these, who has time, right?) Nobody knew what the person before or after them would do with their scene, so you get a mix of, not really sure actually. But seeing the cheese factor in many of the scenes puts a new spin on your expectation of the same old same old. Watch the entire movie at their site. (Be ready for initial skipped scene and slow load.)

Here’s hoping they take on Top Gun or Pulp Fiction next.

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