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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guy invents annoying sound heard around the world, gets screwed.

Oh, have you heard this one before? Forget the Free Hugs guy, the burn of the year may have to go the vuvuzela guy, Freddie Maake. So you invent the most annoying sound ever—this year at least—a sound that gets global coverage, and someone else comes along and takes credit:

“People assume my invention has made me rich — in fact, big companies have taken the idea and the name, and don’t give me a penny. I struggle to feed my nine children. Most of my earnings come from selling an album I made in the ’90s that features the vuvuzela, and I’ve been touting the second volume at the World Cup games.”

And he’s not even bitter.

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Woot Design said...

at least one lesson for us all there. pick from any of the following: making an annoying sound does not guarantee untold riches; if you have a 'good' idea, someone will try to steal it and shaft you; just 'cos you've been screwed over doesn't mean you should be mardy - life goes on; most of the time shit don't matter - just roll with it.