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Friday, August 6, 2010

Insincerity in political ads? I’m shocked.

Linda’s Ladies are back and driving in the same neighborhood, looking for the one liberal they heard moved in. (Give it time gals, you’ll find him!) These ads are becoming like a Sonic campaign, innit! So this time, our wandering, pondering daughters of the next GOP revolution are gleeful over the next senator from CT’s refusal to take PAC money. Easy to take a stand though when real fake wrestling’s bankrolling things. Of course, you might have a problem if Ann Coulter hates you. (Speaking of wrestling, The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke? Just saw it. Dude shoulda won an Oscar.) So remember Connecticut, time is running out. Vote Linda—early and often.

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Howie said...

I am just speechless. This is completely new to political advertisements. They always told the truth.