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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Last Journey of a Genius.

Richard Feynman. Physicist. Explorer. Genius. The kind of genius who can explain physics to you in ways that don’t make you feel lousy about not being, well, a genius. One of the things that stood out as I watched was his work on the Challenger commission (45 minutes in). It underscores a constant theme throughout the piece about his belief that the true nature of something will always come through regardless of how we try and change it. In this case, the negative effect on NASA that might occur if the truth were told about the accident. (One bit of retro distracted driving awesomeness comes in around 18:40, where his editor preparing for their trip uses flash cards to learn a new language.)


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Andy Jukes said...

One of my personal heroes, and I support any efforts to make him more widely known.

If you haven't read them, his memoirs are both fascinating and hilarious.