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Friday, August 6, 2010

Lights, camera, drive.

San Diego’s The Soft Pack have a new music vid More or Less, directed by yet another Coppola (Gia).* It’s about driving, but in an isolated way. While it feels like something a student would do by just exploring raw footage cut together, it grows on you. It takes you out of the surrounding vehicle environment that you’d normally have from a dash cam. That’s because she taped a Flip camera to the front of her car and drove around L.A. one early morning. (Count how many stop signs and red lights she runs.) The end sequence brings it back around to the band in a simple little twist on music video conventions. You know the one: band plays the song while the director cuts to actors playing out the scenario of the lyrics, then back. Lather, rinse, repeat. Using the Flip this way, while maybe not the best thing you can do to the lense, is a simple twist on recording your day. With no audio beyond the song, it’s a simple idea to document the day using your car.

*The clan that directs together, stays together.

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Howie said...

Early REMish? Though singer is a bit off key. Anyway I don't need the sound. I have driven most of those streets so nice memories of LA!