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Monday, August 16, 2010

Not to be confused with “Will it blend?”

Thanks for the useless warning. Yeah, no, remember when I said more brands might want to take their product and try something like Will It Blend? I was kidding. Castle Ink Cartridges didn’t get that email, though. (The spirit kids, capture the spirit of what Blendtec was after.) So Castle Ink has a guy in a white lab coat filling ink cartridges with different substances to see if they print. Okay, funny, as is his deadpan schtick. I just wish they left the blatant Blendtec theme and title rip behind and came up with something more original to package it in.

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Cass said...

I've seen those will it blend commercials. It seems this video is a satire rather than an imitation (like SNL). "Will it Blend" vids are really straight-forward. They're testing the durability of the blender. And this video is FAR from subtle in its references to those videos. And it's apparently to sell ink? (which isn't even in it). I think this is actually a lot smarter than it first appears--and maybe even function as some kind of commentary.