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Monday, August 9, 2010

Overheard internet.

Yep, they said it...

The word “win” doesn’t seem appropriate here.

i haz come again.”

They should ask for police protection. They will need it. We are getting fed up with having islam pushed down our throats at every turn. Sooner or later America will revive the spirit of 76 and kick all of their sad a$$es back to the deserts of the mid east. As soon as we develop algae biofuel we won't need their oil either, so they can starve. I also think we should reserve our laws for us and use their laws for them, ie; start cutting off their heads. islam is a sham.”

youtube needs a “bogus video” button just like the tag button so we can fuck all the liers off.”

The Mayan calendar never seemed so valid...”

Don’t be Evil* *certain exceptions apply: geezers, China, net neutrality, privacy, etc.”

Gays often refer to themselves as living an “alternative” lifestyle. This implies that they choose to be gay and that their lifestyle is a decision to be gay. Not born that way..My point is that they can change back and become normal again. Case in point. Jon Moss of the Culture Club changed his life and denounced his gayness, He became straight, married a wife and raised children.”

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