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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

“Please remain in your party until after the campaign has come to a complete stop.”

“Paid for by the Republican National Committee. Not Authorized By Any Candidate Or Candidate's Committee.”

Ahh, the plausible deniability of PACs. Candidates get the benefit of voter outrage against their opponents while feigning ignorance over who did the ad. Win-win! Two things on my political wish list:

1) No more PACs. Impossible? Yes, but that’s why it’s a *wish* list. But to keep you people happy, I’ll settle for no more mentions of a particular candidate or party in an attack ad—just the issues. (Regulate it like unbranded pharma ads.)

2) When asked who’d they most like to meet, either alive or dead, most people say Ghandi, a famous musician or actor, etc. I always thought along those lines until this past year. Thanks to Faux News, I’d now go back and meet the original *framers* of the constitution. I’d take a list of Tea Party, talk radio and GOP pundit talking points and ask Jefferson & Co. just what the hell they meant when they said (insert amendment) and how they saw it applying to (insert issue) today. Then I’d come back, YouTube that shit, get a 100 million views and tell them all to s.t.f.u.*

*As a back-up plan, I wouldn’t mind hanging with Jim Morrison, Bruce Lee or SRV though.

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