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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What you see in Vegas kitchens, stays in...

Life has released a set of Rat Pack images NEVER BEFORE SEEN. Cool stuff though, showing them in more relaxed settings as well pampered ones—with a cigarette never too far away. To enhance the experience, check out the online series from the Las Vegas Sun on the full History of Vegas. You’ll eventually ignore the droning voiceover and credit sequence at the end of each clip, but you see a fuller picture beyond what you see on TV shows. Long before people knew it as a post-WWII vaca destination, it began life as a desert outpost slash railroad waypoint slash shortcut to the east. There’s the Rat Pack stuff of course (including a bit on segregation with Sammy), as well as a look at the casino lives the Scorsese film was based on. Vegas, baby.

(Life pics via Nerdcore.)

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