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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Corona does Bud.

Sorta. When you have an iconic ad campaign, eventually you’re faced with the inevitable decision: how long do you stick with it? So an Absolute (insert whatever) becomes In an Absolute World. Corona has been evolving their classic look towards new scenarios and different perspectives. To that end, they’ve been running this girl gets even approach for months. On the surface, the latest one above where guy gets football skirts Bud territory. Regardless of why two women *may* be on the beach together—NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT—the guy and his football-chucking friends are reduced to their typical beer ad persona: Impress hot chicks.

Which for many guys in the real world is a life goal. But with these two spots, they start to feel more like Heineken at times. The focus on clever that was once the hallmark of the original campaign now includes telegraphed moments slightly akin to what Bud Light lives for. By *clever* I mean small moments that were the essence of that TV campaign. It was about a minimalist dynamic emulating the inherently static nature of print ads where barely anything moves. What little did move took on that much more importance. (See their classic holiday spot Feliz Navidad.) Now, those little moments are becoming *bigger*.

BUT DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. YouTube, help a blogga out:

“I have to admit, when I first watched this I was like "Finally! It's her turn to get sprayed" then it ended like that and I looked over at my girlfriend, as was visibly pissed a bit. Even she said that was pretty fucked up. He steals a glance for a few seconds and gets squirted, whereas she basically fucks the guy in her mind, multiple positions, sleeps over and fixes the dude breakfast in the morning and yet HE still gets the fizzed beer. Pissed me off, but still funny.” – nurvzy

Thank you, Mr. Nurvzy

“Fuck you Corona, I wish I could boycott your beer but I already was because it's the shittiest beer in the world. Now you go from being the shittiest beer in the world to also the one with the most bullshit commercial. There should be a lawsuit and you should be ran out of the country for this blatantly sexist bullshit.” – jimbo111111

Patience jimbo, patience. They’re evolving.

Evolving also includes a focus on broader themes. Find Your Beach though feels more like a Coke spot where people are just chilling and sharing, not to mention going with a backing track other than the sound of the seashore. (The Secret Sun by Jesse Harris.) They’re basically beauty shots that don’t abandon their longtime focus on the surrounding landscape.

Just as long as there are no pillow fights in their evolutionary future, I’ll miss the old but I’m cool with the new.

(Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago.)

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Julio Garriga said...

Besides being bad jokes and bad ads, they just remind me to the kindle ads (the beach ones, not the new swimming pool).
Too similar setting.