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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Overheard internet.

Yep, they said it...

Most CDs are so full of shit it rots their brain. Behind all the bluster about looking for a new kind of creative, they're hiring the exact same people they've always hired. Men with Big tv spots and Big egos. Today we're gonna hire like it's 1999!”

I hate that store. It consists primarily of uber-expensive fixie bikes.  I went in thinking it was a bike store. Nope, it's like a douchebag lifestyle store for those who have a lot of money to waste and are tired of just blowing it on cocaine.”

Version 2.0 is rumoured to have four settings: Euro RSCG, Grey, JWT and Goodby. (For an additional fee, one can supposedly upgrade to H&L)”
Mickey Lonchar

If this is what it takes for me to get my cheap junk from WalMart at rollback prices, so be it. ”


“In other news: A local man was hit by a stray bullet while hiking through the desert.
Dependable Skeleton

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