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Friday, September 10, 2010

Overheard internet.

Yep, they said it...

I know a lot of people who drink Pabst Blue Ribbon ironically. I don’t know about Portland, but I think kitsch has something to do it with it. It’s so bad it’s good. I bet there’s people near circles of PBR drinkers who reject PBR because *they* are too hip for the hipsters.
Sally  (Via.)

This brings up the interesting issue of what look you should strive for when you get to the age of the lady in this photo. Every one of you young whippersnappers is going to have to answer this question (evil laugh). I could write a long essay about this, but I won’t, except to say that this lady is going for the high-craft, don’t give a damn if I’m silly, I am the frontier look.”

Nobody cares about: diversity in advertising. Blacks are not allowed! Period!”

This ad is funny like the others.. Keep cool guys. In US you're the first to make a movie about your recent history, you have enough detachment and critical thinking to make understand things with maturity. It's not against US, it's an ad, and in ads you want to make people react, understand a point and make them remembered. In that case, this ad works perfectly. Didn't you ever laugh about france ? About this stupid Maginot line ? About what we did during the WW2 ? Come on..” 

“If anyone ever tells you they could go for some "Deep South Peanut Pie", and then winks, arrest them on the spot. They have a dungeon in their basement.

It was his own fault. Even if the lions were well fed, "Hey, there's a live, non-sedated lion in a corral. Let's go in there!" isn't exactly a bright idea. It's pretty much Darwin Award (nominee) worthy. I've never seen something like that in a zoo here in germany, but hey "America, f*** yeah!!!!!!"...”

Utterly unfair comparison. The Apple and Microsoft business models are so unlike each other it's almost inaccurate to say they're in the same business. Apple can get product quality to the point they do because they laser focus on a few profitable segments. Microsoft's business model — not "what Steve Ballmer thinks they should be doing this month" but their underlying business model — involves them serving 80+% of the market. --- This is sort of like complaining that Safeway can't make ice cream as well as Ben and Jerry's.”

“Most of us just want confirmation of extraterrestrials.

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