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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Overheard internet...

Yep, they said it...

I always admired Chewie for his efforts to bring nudism into the mainstream. I guess Jabba the Hutt never wore pants either but I don't know if that counts since he had neither legs nor external genitalia.

The Tea Party is simply the new name for the Moral Majority. New hats, same shit.”

if only america was more compassionate and legalize drugs than poor lohan wouldn't have to go to prison. where is the love. she should have the freedom to get stoned. but we should outlaw big macs cuz they are bad for you.”

This looks like a great movie, some of my favorite women.” 

“Impossible to describe how self-indulgent and weak this way too long spot is.  Not only does it make question my love for the hilarious skittles spots, it makes me ashamed of our creative aspirations.  Zero stars.
Lights out [

Wow, so you're the fucktard holding up the damn customs line and making the rest of us late? Just say "business" like the rest of us and be done with it. Jesus. Fight something worth fighting for a change, douchebag.”

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