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Monday, September 20, 2010

*Sorta cute* need not apply.

No more messing around—beautiful people are just better than you and me, and need their own site.  A place where they can meet other like-minded individuals who know the pain of being too beautiful or handsome to be seen in public among us mere mortals. I’m really not sure though what’s going on with the snake charmer there and David Blaine’s Footloose protégé. That’s a mighty awkward suit though. Maybe it’s the official state uniform for beautiful people moving forward, who knows. For in the future, all the fuglies are gathered up and eliminated.



Tim B said...

Loving this. I'd definitely get in. I'm gorgeous I am.

Much like this guy:

I especially love the profile question:

"Has car: No"

Pubert Addams said...

Wow, I'm so far below this site's criteria I'm gonna cry.