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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Test drive a mirror today.

How do you target just 70 influencers who probably get a ton of schwag already? Hang out in their bedroom. HOTEL bedroom. BMW placed helmet decal invitations on mirrors in the rooms of PGA golfers asking them to come out and join the brand at the test track. That’s some microniche focused fun kids. Housekeeping you want me leave chocolate on pillow? YES HAVE SOME. Complimenting the cling is some branded M&M’s bling.

(Agency: Baldwin&.)

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Maria from Housekeeping said...

You think it funny make fun of housekeeping? You stupid bald white man probably burn Koran for Holiday! You not funny stupid white man. I hope you sleep in my hotel I piss in you shower and put chocolate in my mouth and then put paper cover back on it!

Bastard! Not funny bastard.

And BMW car for stupid white man. Only car from me is Hyundai.