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Thursday, September 16, 2010

“Twitter needs to decentralize or it will die.”

It all gets covered here. All of it. (Okay, well, nearly mostly all.) By now, you’ve likely heard about Twitter updating its site. (HENCE ALL THE #NEWTWITTER TAGS.) Lost in the noise though is a piece from Alex Payne, one of their first employees and the person responsible for building their developer platform. He recently left the company to pursue a new online venture, but writes about his time at Twitter, what they need to address, and his takes on their growth relative to generating income. Straight from the Fail Whale’s mouth, he touches on some of the past concerns voiced by hardcore users who thought ads could lead to the service’s downfall. (No worries—people giving SEO tips on a Saturday night when they should be out getting drunk have already checked off *that* box.) As he says in the title of this post, he sees Twitter at a crossroads, almost facing a Jerry Maguire scenario:

Does Twitter sell out by doing the one thing it needs to in order to survive?


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