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Monday, October 4, 2010

Mommy has the best stuff.

PSAs are a creative wet dream. Anything goes as long it provokes. In this case, we’re talking junk food and healthy eating. *Junk* as junk food, get it you heroin freaks? So cue drug PSA using immediate consequences of shooting up to underscore long-term destructive eating habits. Yes Morgan Spurlock showed how McDonald’s can take over your life and change it if you let it, but shooting up has a more immediate effect, no? It’d be creepier still if mom was less of a zombie and actually took joy in serving the morning smack, just the way she is at the drive-thru. Isn’t that also the heart of the PETA argument about so-called *happy meals*? (Shhh, it is.)

(Via the trimmer and fitter Perez Hilton.)

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