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Thursday, October 7, 2010

And I probably still won’t shop there.

There is beaucoup hate for the new Gap logo, almost as much as I have for any Olympics logo in a good year. But I’m not feeling the way others are about this, just, indifferent. (Although I do appreciate a good stab at it from the fans in the stands.) This feels sufficiently generic for unsure times. After all, a good, solid sans-serif will never let you down. Much. It separates itself from its cooler cousin Old Navy more, almost trying to remind the group who was there first. The cultural pendulum is only doing what it do though, and isn’t this just a reflection of that? Advertising is still in the middle of a ’60s pop-mod vibe sharing equal time with homages to the Avant Garde love affair of the ’70s. Arial and Helvetica? That collateral damage still inspires the simplicity of most social networks and their clean, minimal looks, not to mention your friendly neighborhood PowerPoint deck.* Either way, a bland brand new logo can only do so much. The bigger challenge is nailing down what you’re about as a brand first, not typeface explorations.

Update: Is it just a crowdsourcing joke on everyone? Bush league move if it is.

*What if... nah. Just messin’ with ya.

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