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Sunday, October 31, 2010

“As long as there are babies and dogs, there’ll be Chevys to bring them home.”

There are two more spots out now in the Chevy Runs Deep campaign which continue their mining of life’s most precious moments. Lot of people have dumped on the approach as being done too many times before, The concept of cute babies and puppies, always a winning combo for online success, gets its own treatment in two different executions.

“As long as there are babies, there’ll be Chevys to bring them home.” 

Fitting, since a lot of babies were probably conceived in one. (Chevrolet: French for circle of life.) I’ll say this one rings true because damn if I didn’t bring home our daughter in one. And then promptly rear-ended the Lincoln we were behind waiting to make a left. This, after our bundle of joy had cried out, and I turned my head and barely tapped the gas, resulting in $1,500 damage. The construction of the Lincoln thus proving itself superior to my Cavalier.*

Then there’s cute puppies. Awwwww. DOGS I MEAN. And here’s where I’m going to be a jerk on one thing that people might roll their eyes over. First, the thing I dig are the shots of some badass pickups throughout the spot that no Chevy truck today can match the vibe of. The thing I’m not liking are the dogs running lose in the back of some of the trucks. Inside the cab, okay. Outside though, hmmm.

YES I KNOW IT’S DONE EVERY DAY. And people talk on their cell phones, and also do a bunch of other things they’re not supposed to. I’m the last guy to be all PC here, but a lot of dogs each year are either hurt or killed because they’re not restrained while riding around like that. Cue likely outrage from animal lovers about to come down, me thinks. For their love of pets runs deep.

*Yes it’s a true story and further compounding the suck, the driver flagged down a cop she knew who just happened to be passing by. Tickets run deep.

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